A New O & A fantasy football league

Everyone i created a football leage at Insidecorner

Only O&A fans can join so go there...

League Name: O&A Football
Password: yourmomsbox

There are still 7 spots available so check it out.
If you join just reply, so we know who from the message board is in the league
I am in too, I just joined this afternoon and my team is called "HATERS"


i'm kinda new but do i have to join a special leage on insidecorner or what. i want in,it sounds cool.

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That got to be the coolest fuckin screenname on this board! I'm surprised I didnt think of it since my father used to say it all the time.
Our teams were drafted a few days ago. Everyone check them out. We gotta get some trades going to make it interesting.


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how the fuck did i lost again this week i o-3 this sucks :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: