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Most of you know that I come here from that other board. I am not here to cause trouble. I am not here as a spy, or anything to that effect. I come here in search of a cool place to fuck around and bullshit about Opie & Anthony. The other board became overrun by idiots, and I was not having fun posting there anymore.

I've been here for a day or two now, and the first thing that I notice is that noone ever posts. I realize that the other board has many more members that this board, but why don't you people post more?

Again, I'm not here to instigate anything (although I admit that's unusual for me ;) ). However, I pose this question to you all...

What, about wackbag.com, would make me want to stay on as a member? What makes you stay here?


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There is nothing to post about O&A right now. They are on vacation and so are we from the message board. And i really don't care if you post on any other message board because I post on a lot more boards(O&A) than anyone cares about. The only spies are from sfn....


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The posting is begining to pick up. Yet you are correct. It can be slow at times. Also like Sonof spaz said O&A are off so it gets really slow. What makes me stay here? Well, cool people. Also the freedom to post without getting tooled on for a day or two. But Mostly because the board owner has always showm respect for all his members. He takes opinions and helps out whenever you have a problem. People say I'm a kiss ass. I am just telling it like it is. He's never done me wrong. He's class act. Also the members of the board are real cool. (When they post god damn it!!) So that's my story in a nut sack. shell. sorry. :D

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OK why do I like wackbag and saty here well cause of the fact that this is a cool ass site and yet at times you will get your turn in the barrel and all in good fun...
but people in here are nice and Stingray is one cool fucker and no just like Mav I am not kissing his ass... it is that he does not comment or anything to be mean or rude he gives that respect...People in here are also cool even though you may see some words passing around... but other than that I give nothing but full support to this board it is fun and rocks :D
Well, Im up 2 (TWO) fuckin hours early cause my kid woke me up and I have work at 7:30.. anyway

Welcome Kid, It has slowed down because of the vacation as it usually does on sundays, Also a few of our members have migrated to the other board. In spite of what you have heard about me and the board, It is fun here.. we have no rules at all, everyone has respect for each other and that keeps us together and keeps the board like a hangout.

Tons more people read This board (including wnew) than post according to the server statistics , but it has never been this slow before. A major blow to the board was Hearme discontinuing their voice chat which used to have people in it 24-7. I have a new voice chat up now but its not as "easy" as the old one and sometimes will not connect so noone goes there. This site will be 2 years old in september so weve been here a while and have went thru many stages of ups and downs.

I try to add as many enhancments to the board as possible to make it more fun for everbody. I put links in the side bar that open up in this window so people can switch from the spaz cam to Instant feedback to foundry etc. while staying on the same site. I usually never put more than 2 ads up cause I feel it cheapens the board.

Since the other board has decided to hate us, they now also put down anyone who is on both boards (which is silly) that keeps people away. If people post here they will be called every name in the book on the other board and lose some of their "friends". It may sound stupid but its human nature... Yea, we could use about 25 more "cool" members and we'd be rockin. I guess the best way is just to check out both boards.

Also remember we are banned from being linked from foundry (long story) which is how the other board got its first 300 members. Because of steve we never get a plug on the radio anymore (same long story of shit that went down before the other board even existed) I Like to think of us as the O&A of message boards with the other board being the allmighty powerful Howard Stern of messsage boards, we're the little guy now. we have "the gag order" put on us first and foremost by Steve from foundry music who used his influence to put an end to our plugs, and the other board which knows damn well that if half the newbies knew about this place they'd switch right over...that's why wackbag.com is a forbidden word over there

Also I think The constant plugging of the other board in the winter made thousands of people sign up there, they were treated like dog shit and left... now they just wouldnt bother with any message board.

theres to much infighting going on over there. I do not mean to put them down so much but they did ruin (up till now) the O&A internet thing, and when they self destruct it will take a while for people to realize that a message board is just for posting your feelings and being yourself without being bashed or called names. And that a moderator is just a person who deletes post's that are bad for the board, not a god. I hope I wasn't rambling.. only had 3 1/2 hours sleep and now a full day of construction... but hopefully you get the jist of what im saying.

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kid afrika

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Like I said in a previous post, I am not sure whether or not I will be staying on here. Right now, all I know is that the other board isn't fun, to me, anymore. I have friends there, and I think they will continue to be my friends. But, I can not continue to post there right now.

I know how message boards work. I know that lulls in posting happen when the show is on vacation. And, I suppose that the small membership here would also be partially responsible for the lack of activity.

I had almost 4,000 posts in a little over 4 months on the other board, and I feel like I contributed a great deal there. As I am sure I will here, if I decide to stay. Thank you all for giving what I have to assume are honest answers to my questions.

(sorry about the address in my pic, I'll remove it soon)

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you could post the pic when that url is edited out, Nothing personal just dont want newcomers to think this board is associated with them..


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Kid welcome to the more better board. Kid you might know that this is the older board and well O n A give many more plugs to that board. Kid you may or may not know that Ive been banned by that other board about 62 times now I kept going back not because I had something to say but because I was told that I couldnt and will never go back because I choose not to , but I post here the same way that I posted there. This is the place to be and your welcome herewe dont expect trouble untill it happens then we will do something thats the difference between the two boards one is theb place ro be and the pther is the place to be---banned from. WE POST QUALITY NOT QUANTITY anyway that other board was a real NITEMARE lol

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Why Wackbag well for me its just the place to be. I too used to be a member of both boards. I joined there first last July and then shortly after i joined Wackbag last August. I posted mainly at the other place i had over 2,000 posts there. I posted at both message boards for awhile until things started changing and i just didnt post over there at all cause there was nothing being posted over there that made me want to post. So i stayed here at Wackbag. I stayed here cause its what a message board should be yeah we may have our fights or whatever you are gonna get anywhere you go but nothing is taken personal. I dont wanna sit here and compare the 2 boards to each other cause there is really no comparison except that we are all O&A fans. I think if you would give this place a chance you will like it.
Sorta the same reason I left Kid. To me it became less fun, more ppl weremore concerned with attacking otheh people, myself included. Here, it's laid back like that. :D You know in time, people will get the point, but I dunno. Enjoy your stay here man.
Welcome Kid,
I used to always post on the other board - lots more then I do here cause I had more free time on my hands - I made lots of friends there - Also made lots of enemies just for speaking my mind - LOL - was even banned for voicing my opinion - Could go back under another name if I want to - Did it many times, then once in just sign my name to my post so that they knew it was me - Thought I would prove a point to everyone over there - Then decided one day it just wasn't worth my time - It was far from a pleasant place to be so I stopped goin there and decided to try this board

The reasons I still come here are really simple - The people are friendly - Everyone is allowed their opinion - People on this board seem to understand and follow the rules - And last but most important the mods are cool!!!

Stay awhile I'm sure you'll end up likin it here!!!


:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)