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With all of the controversy with the Robert Blake murder, does this mean that O.J. Simpson has new successor to the throne?
Well they share a commonality here. Dammit, I thought this woul;d get more hits. ^^
Originally posted by imoverherenow:
No nobody could ever replace OJ he was the stupidest motherFer alive.
Yeah just stupid enough to get away with murder?


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I think IHON is right. He was a dumb fuck. He's a genius for hiring johnny cochran. Now that guy could get anyone off. All he has to do is use the chewbacca defense.

When I was in high school, I thought there was no way OJ could have done it. Now, that I look at all the shit he left lying around, Oh yeah and him being a raving madman, I think he did it. Watch Fox5 news at 10 for all the real details.

If anyone can take OJ down from the throne, it could be Blake. He has always been a psycho. Just look at him. He's a crazy wild-eyed midget. Have you ever seen him in money train. Just a midget on a power trip.