Man what a fucking crock of shit. No way he is worth all that money. Heh heh i bet the Texas Rangers will still choke in the playoffs.

Running Fn drunk down the streets of NYC!!!


I agree, no one is worth $284,000,000. Unfortunatly, they are gonna be a better team. They also got "Big Cat" Andres Galleraga at 1st base & Ken Caminitti at 3rd base. Don't get me wrong, that doesn't necessarily mean they're gonna be a World Series team. It didn't work for Baltimore, They were trying to buy a World Series team for years & they where still terrible. Look at the Redskins in the NFL, they're NOT the best team after making those big signings in the offseason either. I've got a question for you guys: Now that Manny Remirez went to Boston, who is gonna play right field in Yankee Stadium?

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Well the Yankees signed Paul O'Neil to a 1 year contract and i think he still has one more good year left in him before he is done.
I am no Mets fan but dam what the F is wrong with that Mike Hampton he is gonna get shelled up in Colorado he must be smoking crack.
Running Fn drunk down the streets of NYC!!!

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