A spiritual successor to Shaq-Fu?

Voodoo Ben

The African Dream
Mine 'O Mine, the company that runs Shaquille O'Neal's Shaq.com, has trademarked Shaqfighter. The filing suggests (via Siliconera) there might be plans to resurrect Shaq's fighting game legacy with "entertainment services, namely, providing online games," alongside "a website featuring electronic and video games and news" alongside "music, videos, television programs, movies, animated series, and other multimedia materials in the field of computer and video games." 1994's Shaq Fu saw the now-retired NBA star feature in a 2D fighting game on Super Nintendo and Genesis. The game was critically panned at the time, leading to the creation of Shaqfu.com -- a website dedicated to finding and destroying every copy of Shaq Fu in existence. In Shaq Fu, Shaquille O'Neal was transported to another dimension to rescue a young boy from an evil mummy called Sett-Ra. Earlier this year Shaq appeared in ShaqDown on iOS, which featured a mix of platforming and endless runner style gameplay.