A welcome to any new fans from Philly

Just want to say welcome to any new fans of O&A who found this board. With syndication taking affect I am hoping we get some new members from all over the US. Thanks for checking out the board and stick around. This is a fun place to talk about O&A or whatever you want. If you are a new fan to O&A you can find out what they are all about and if you are just a fan who moved you can catch up on what you missed. Either way register and post so we can get to know you.


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Hello Philly Fans welcome to Wackbag
We all welcome you with open arms


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Yeah Yeah whatever you said.

PS Imagine I pornolized that post...


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lol sos you love that site dont ya babes???
Well thats cool glad it makes someone smile


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Do not defile this thread!! :D Welcome Philly fans. Welcome to the sick and twisted world, that is known as the O & A army. I hope you all are enjoying the show as much as me. Bunts, cunts, sluts, pussyhair, mongoloids = comedy + some good music, you can't go wrong. It's great radio, Music is for CD player and MP3's. Enjoy the show, it is as good as an episode of the Sopranos, but we get it everyday.

I urge you to register and become a member of our board. We accept all applications. So join and enjoy the festivities. :D

Welcome to all Philly fans,
We're glad you found us, and welcome aboard.


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WELCOME ONE AND ALL-GO INTO THE LIGHT. GO INTO THE- OOPS I ment to say welcome al penn fans of Opie and Anthony They will grow on ya like a skin rash that you wont want to get rid of. Just wait a few weeks when the boys relax you will get to hear the greatest radio that ever was.
Welcome all
welcome and take 2 minutes to register so you can post. This is a cool message board, You'll like it here!!

Don't like O&A yet? You will!! This show will actually make you laugh out loud. wait till you hear more of anthony's voices or opie flip out.