ABC News Reposts Poll Because Kucinich Won


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dont even like kucinich but thats laaaaaame


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Maybe it's just a bad camera angle and/or lighting, but do half of the candidates (especially Hillary) look like cardboard cutouts to you?
she looks really fat

you would think she would try and lose some weight but i guess not


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i know what kucinich folks are going through, we have the same problems with RP. its good to know that even though you've got people on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to domestic issues that they can set it aside to call out the MSM about this bullshit.


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not trying to defend ABC but, like we do at wackbag when an OnA poll shows up we all run in and blow it up. that happens alot with blogs and crap with these politicians. these web polls are all tainted with bias from some website linking to them. maybe they felt that was happening and changed it. but it is shady changing the picture.