Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Voodoo Ben

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i was thinking of reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

i became interested in the book when the movie came out, movie didn't look so good so i didn't see it and i lost interest in the book but now i'm thinking of reading it again.

did anybody here read it and if so was it any good?


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Wackbag Staff
How much do you know of Abraham Lincoln's life? There are many twists on it.


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Wackbag Staff
If you are a fan of Lincoln and monster books.


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I thought it was a really fun read that was better than it should have been. Yes it's simplified his life, but if you want his life story there are literally thousands of books about him. AL:VH did a great job of making you think that in an alternate universe, this is why the South seceded. I really recommend it.


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It was an okay book. They did an interesting job weaving Lincoln's life with vampire shit but beyond that there's not much. It's made for people who like vampires and that's about it. Not a whole lot of depth or anything else to be taken away from the novel.