Actor Dennis Farina Dead


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Dennis Farina, a former police officer who became a star of "Law & Order," died today at the age of 69, his publicist told FOX411.
Lori De Waal, his representative, says Farina died Monday morning in a Scottsdale, Ariz., hospital after suffering a blood clot in his lung. He was 69.
Born Feb. 29, 1944, in Chicago, he was a city police officer before turning to acting in his late 30s.
Farina appeared in films including "Get Shorty," ''Saving Private Ryan" and "Midnight Run."
Among his many TV portrayals was Det. Joe Fontana on "Law & Order." He starred in the 1980s cult favorite, "Crime Story" and most recently was in the HBO drama series "Luck."

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Wow, he was a lot younger than I thought



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Jesus Christ. I just watched Manhunter last week. It could have been me.


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I liked him in every role he played. Loved him in Get Shorty. RIP, sir.


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Serrano's got the tombstones! Serrano's got the tombstones!

RIP, fella.


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I'll always remember the scene when he told Butchy to have a cream soda, then shoved a pool cue up that fat pole smoker Mardukas' ass. RIP.


it's a man, baby!!!

liked his work on Our Gang

thanks for the memories, Liddy


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There is a scene in Big Trouble where he says, "What the hell are those?...Goats?" Not found on youtube, apparently.

f kane

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Farina at 2:05

Nice Chicago accent, deek



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Crime Story was the shit. I was always mad it didn't get a 3rd season.