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  • I am undiagnosed but yeah, I think I have ADD.

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  • I like corn.

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Glenn Dandy

I don't go to doctors . I can only self diagnose myself, I often think about medical conditions and crap and try to find correlations that mayby some government study group get 4 million to study.

So this is my study group. you fucks.

Q: Do you believe that people that suffer ADD type problems gravitate towards message boards?

I can't focus on anything for more than 30 seconds... the view new posts is like a crack button to me as far as stimulating my overacting mellon.

Please vote you're opinion.:rolleyes:
I never thought I had ADD but after spending hours on the Bag I'm usually cranky as hell and pushing my girlfriend's buttons. She hates it but fuck her, I enjoy it.


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well so far im the one vote with add. its more of a fake ailment made up dude. the medications (ritalin, medidate, aderol) all are basically forms of speed. to a normal person they'd speed them up, but to someone with add it brings focus to them. and it also nullifies your hunger, you rarely eat (ritalin). medidate and aderol work different but after i got off ritalin and tried those, i still didnt eat at all. terrible shit.

Glenn Dandy

I was thinking about this because.. All day today I have been on here... since noonish.... I have job bids to do... laundry.. I did nothing...

why am i so entranced with this stupid shit?

I asked myself.... I could only think mayby it's ADD like.
add is the name given to a brain condition that occures in people who never learn to deal with problems correctly...

I am sure that as a child i would have been diagnosed with something...but I learned to deal with my crazy antics...and now i am married, employed, happy etc...I think only a small fraction of people actually need treatment..
Frontline did a great PBS show on medicated children.
add autism & asperegers (sp) whatever the fuck that is.

don't forget OCD.


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Wait, what was the question again?


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What's that joke lil Jimmy does...

In my day, they used to call it "Stop doing that!"

I know I am butchering it, whether its lil Jimmys line, or someone elses, but I'm sure someone will set me straight.

and no I'm undiagnosed, but that's only because my mother is an LD tutor and thinks I need to "pay attention and focus more" :)

exactly. god love her for birthing a zilch like me.

my gf told me i have something like add too, i don't remember what.

I failed math in school so don't know much about add ;)


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I've never been diagnosed but I don't think I have ADD. Depression? Possible. Anxiety? Probably. Compulsive? In some ways. Schizoid Personality Disorder as per DSM-IV? Likely.

But I thnk I gravitate toward messageboards because I'm not a good writer, not much of a talker, but like the idea of having an outlet. And it's something that helps fill my time instead of doing actual work. I have to say it has more to do with my compulsive personality than ADD.


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i've been diagnosed with ADHD

i'm a weirdo
OK, I'm going to clear something up. Not all people with ADD need to be drugged up on Ritalin to pass as normal. There are two different kinds of ADD. There's regular Attention Deficit Disorder where you just can't concentrate for long periods of time to save your life. But then their is ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder where in addition to the concentration problems there is also the inability to sit still.

I've had ADD all my life and I have never had to take Ritalin or any other drug for my learning disability. I was always a very mellow, quiet kid but I still had the attention span of a hummingbird. It wasn't until I repeated kindergarten that they realized something was wrong. Luckily I had the kind of Mom that read up on everything humanly possible on anything having to do with ADD. She knew enough to not put me on Ritalin like every other kid these days and get me the help in school I needed. To this day I'm very thankful for that.

With that said, I'm not sure why I gravitate to message boards. Until I discovered them, I never really had the patience for the Internet. Now I'm on at least this board almost everyday. My theory is the short, fast-to-read comments make it easy to follow. Some of the longer-winded threads or posts I try to avoid(Yeah, I should talk:icon_roll).

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Like a couple people posted, I think it's more OCD than ADD.
Like a couple people posted, I think it's more OCD than ADD.
Like a couple people posted, I think it's more OCD than ADD.