Adobe debuts Adobe Media Player


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Adobe debuts media player
By Mark Raby
Monday, October 01, 2007 12:14

Chicago (IL) - Adobe has launched the beta version of its new media player, using the same format and streaming technology seen in YouTube and other video sharing sites.

CBS, PBS, Yahoo, and several other Internet companies have already pledged support for Adobe's new endeavor. The player will include embedded advertising either through forced-play video clips or permanent banners around the video window.

According to Adobe, the Media Player will be supporting digital rights management, based on the currently offered protected streaming to Flash Player from Flash Media Server.

The player is able to play .FLV files, the format used in YouTube and other similar sites. It will require a 9 MB plug-in from Adobe.

It is a move for Adobe into a market that is already highly concentrated. Microsoft's Windows Media Player currently holds the most digital player market share, with Real Player and Quicktime also remaining computer staples. Microsoft also has Silverlight, a new Web-based media format. Adobe's main focus with the new player is solely on the playback of Flash video.

The final version of Adobe Media Player had been set for March 2008, but that has been changed to a more vague deadline of "before July 2008".