Advice on a gift for a friend


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One of my dear, dear friends is currently trapped in London. He had been living in the states since 1989 but without the proper visa and it caught up with him. Long story short, he has been deported back to the UK. We have no idea when he'll be able to come back and needless to say he is quite depressed about the whole situation.

One friend of mine and I are both really, really close with this guy. Last night she came up with the idea that we should send him some kind of gift or something with a nice card saying that we love him and miss him and that he has all our support in an attempt to cheer him up a little. What kind of gift do you think would be appropriate?

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As for a gift, I'm kinda clueless. A video of his friends saying hello or something might be nice but then again it might make him more depressed. Same thing with a photo album (they still use those I think) which you put pictures of everyone and of some of his favorite places etc.

A co-worker was in the hospital for office Christmas party one year and we put a smiley face balloon on a chair along with the sweater he wore in the office along with his name under the balloon. Then when we took the group photo we had signs that said 'Get well', 'We miss you' and a few off color ones from his closest friends. He got a kick out of it.

Amazing how this guy gets deported and yet the Mexicans are running around like cockroaches

Sorry .... I'll get off my soapbox now


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No seriously this whole situation has me absolutely enraged.

This friend of mine is one of the kindest, most generous, funniest, caring individuals I have ever known. He would never hurt anyone ever, he cares about his friends and is just generally great to be around. His getting deported really struck me at the core -- I was completely devastated. And I am filled with so much anger towards this bullshit government that treats immigrants like garbage.

I'll calm down...


It stinks that Europeans are discriminated against when it comes to immigration. They speak English and for those part are very productive with minimal criminal "problems" compared to those gangbanging scumfucks from turd world country's.
Send him some decent food. God knows he's not getting it over there.

And the video thing is a good idea. Maybe go around to some places you used to hang out at and tape them for him to remind of better times?

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why didn't he ever change his visa status if he knew it was wrong?
why didn't he ever change his visa status if he knew it was wrong?
It's a pretty common thing actually. I met a guy once that was Puerto Rican, born in France (while on vacation). Puerto Rico is of course part of the USA and he was supposed to file for citizenship since he wasn't BORN in the USA. Needless to say, no one told him this and he ended up getting deported to France, despite having NEVER lived there. I'm sure France doesn't have a large Puerto Rican community so it must suck for that guy.

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Yeah, I guess it would be common if you're thinking you're okay and nobody tells you you're not until it's too late.

Having heard sob stories from litigants for the last 20 years has left me kind of jaded and cynical I guess :(
Case in point - foreclosure hearings are held on Tuesdays at 11:30 in my courthouse. So people rush in at 11 to file papers stopping the sale of their house. Claim they didn't know. Meantime the files are bulging with copies of the notices they've been sent for the last year telling them it was going to happen. The ones actually giving the date of the sale actually have a signed certified receipt attached.

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Umm.. i would send him a paddle and a couple floaties and tell him to get his ass back over here.


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Actually, I was just going through a whole bunch of digital photos I took of myself with a bunch of our mutual friends and I already had prints made, so I think I might pick out a bunch that he might like to have and send them to him.
I still want to get him some other kind of little gift but I'll figure that out somehow. I might stop by this one place after work.