AFC Championship watching thread.


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Go Chargers baby! If they win, not only will I shit my pants, but could possibly go down as the biggest upset ever in football history. A post season win was enough for me this year... the rest is icing on the cake.


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Eh, they're gonna lose. They've done way more than anyone expected of them anyway. Fucking patriots have drained all the fun out of the NFL.

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Shit in your pants? I will run around my house buck nekid in the snow. Pics too!

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Im rooting for the bolts to win while simultainously watching that cunt Phillip Rivers get his teef knocked in.


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Lets go Patriots!!!!!! :D
so ron and fez are ONLY doing the giants packers game? Fuck...I am in orlando in a hotel room right now and I was sooo looking forward to listening to ron and fez...oh well, GO PATS...

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two games in ice cold weather today. That could help slow the Pats, but I think it won't be close at the end. Then again, I don't know shit.


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Gates and LT both not on the field.

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A big FUCK YOU to my HD antenna! Fucking thing is fucking up!!!!!!!

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brady had better start looking at 2ndary receivers...When he forced that one to welker on 3rd right there stallworth was WIDE FUCKING OPEN 10yds deep to the right...2x now stallworth has been wide open and it appeared that brady had a pre determined throw in mind
That McDonald's commercial made me want to firebomb the next 10 McDonalds I see.
This is becoming a very boring field position game...maybe this post will jinx that.


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I'm surprised the Chargers haven't started just tossing it up to their receivers yet, that's where they can do the most damage, like that up and out to Chambers.

The weather is probably the best possible for the Chargers if they want to have a shot though.

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Shut That Fucking Boo Bird Up!!!!!! Fuck Me, Shit The Fuck Up Drunk Bitch!


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You can't let the Pats range after you, go up the middle if you run.