Al Shapton's on the News

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Al Shapton is Suing Florida for the elections, I see a funny bid coming out of this
Heh heh Rev AL is gonna try and take over the elections this should be good.
Al showed up to protest the vote count in Florida expecting hundreds of demonstrators...fuckin three people showed up to support him....stupid fuckin spear chucker!
Hey- I'm no fan of Reverand Al either...but
fuck you `psycho mark` and i guess you too
metallica- but i did meet you and you were cool then-and yes it will make a funny bit!
Terrible N,

I guess you haven't heard the story of young Al "spearchucker" Sharpton, the phenom college athelete who was to track and field (specifically, the javalin, of course)what Chris Weinke is to Florida State. Such a sad thing when that javelin went wild and skewered that old black lady in the stands, prompting old "Sharpy" to quit the team and dedicate his life to protecting the innocent and oppressed people of color.

Or maybe... Psycho Mark is just a racist fuck.
PM is crazy heh heh. I guess no one canceled
there appoinments to support REV AL and everyone said Go F Yourself.
We must recipricate the injustices thathave been indepnicated on the black people by folorida and the other white judicial figure heads and the entire governement of the united states, Stay Out The Hedges, i woulda said bushes but some other uncle tom stole bushes from me. Stay Out The Hedges!!! If the cops don't start slingin lead, hows rev al gonna get fed? come i need a new suit and the grease in my hair is starting to cause a stink.
Hey What's Up Tabitha!!! - Long Time!!!

Hey, I was at Hooters last night talking to
Mark..and it turns out this might be the real
psycho mark since he does post on both boards
-and since I've had several instances to talk
with him one on one - I know this guy- he's mad
cool- just a crazy fuck- but extremely cool-
so if that was the real mark- it's ok with me-
i retract all prior F.U.'s - but if it's just
some 17 yr old dick trying to get one off.. well- you know!
Hey TA
Yeah, long time, took me a while to get to this board. Glad to be here with some of the only people worth talking to from the old board!
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