Alex Trebek drinking and cursing outtakes


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Wow, this clip actually makes me like the guy. I watch the show every day and can't stand his condescending attitude. The clip is quite old, but it's a nice MONTAGE nonetheless.



El hombre de los moleculos!
Sweet. Drew and Mike played some clips of it a few years ago, and I had wanted a copy. For some reason, never thought to look on youtube.

Next to find - Morrison's Lament.

Joe Avezzano

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That's great. He really is a regular guy, and not the snobby guy he seems to be on TV. I also hate the way he says "dollars". Must be a Canadian thing.
I am sorry but those curses need to be in the form of a question. hell oh hell


it's a man, baby!!!
He has a ranch a couple of hours west of me on the Calif coast. I used to haul sand into an concrete batch plant near his home and one day they were talking about a big job they did at his place. They said they hardly recognized him as he was like an easy going regular guy as opposed to the know it all fancy guy on TV.

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I'm guessing he had vodka in that water glass.

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the same drink 18 times over? ok and ? he cursed (insert bevis laugh here) cool