All blue-eyed people have a single ancestor in common

Humans who ended up with blue eyes came out of the middle east, not Africa, the Business insider story is bunk right there.

I breed fish, have for 20 years. Blue eyes are merely a color morph. It can happen for various reasons including genetic damage from something in the environment and colour morphs can happen to many species in many places at once, all that is needed is the conditions.

I've had the same or extremely close colour morphs happen to fish in different breeding tanks. The fish ancestor was irrelevant.

The claim we all came from the same ancestors is nonsense, because if that were true, we'd have accumulated every genetic deformity along the way. This is why we don't inbreed animals, because you retain the genetic weaknesses and end up with animals that suffer deformities and poor health, same with humans.

To claim it all came from one Ancestor, is ludicrous
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Yeah sure, apart from the constant climate change propaganda, there are headlines like this left wing bullshit

7 charts that show the glaring gap between men and women's salaries in the US

All of the extremist killings in the US in 2018 had links to right-wing extremism

The conference held at a Trump resort featuring a fake Trump shooting video is emblematic of the president's ties to dubious right-wing groups

Facebook included far-right Breitbart News in its new 'high quality' news tab

Yes, the climate has changed before. But warming has never hit the entire planet at once the way it is now, new research shows.
^^ Untrue headline, they seek out only research (as faulty as that research is, that suits the left wing climate doom narrative). The last 10,000 years were warmer than the last 350 years, and global sea ice proves it. But the research in Stein et al 20017 is not a left wing doom narrative and the left wing media never mention such research

Scientists say these 11 major cities could become unlivable within 80 years
^^ only fringe left wing activist scientists say this.. fancy that

Business insider calls Jordan Peterson far right, lol

I just skimmed.

Business insider is international.. aggregated, the majority of it's published concerning stories with a political slant are from a left wing/far left wing perspective
8 year olds.