Ok who thinks we are gonna have a Roger Clemens vs Mike Piazza showdown.

American League is gonna win thats my prediction.


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I bet Piazza hits a homerun off of him. Dude just imagine if he hits Piazza. Oh shit this All-star game would go down in history. I think it's gonna be close. Though I don't have a prediction. I am not quite sure.
Yeah and he was very careful to pitch him outside, except for the last pitch...
Lifelong Yankee fan, but I have no respect for the man. What hat will he wear at his HOF induction? Something with a B ???
No way he is gonna go into the HOF as a Yankee this is where he won World Series not in Boston.
With the new policy of teams paying HOF's to go in under their logo (Winfield/Padres), I suppose it's possible.
But I just don't see the scumbag going in as a Yank. And I'd be embarassed if he did.
Wouldn't be surprised at all,IOHN. What a depressing thought. $$$$$$$$$$