All The Little Ants Are Marching

Fuck Dave Matthews and the Ants in my house...
They're coming in from my deck, and the cracks in the door to the deck.

I have sprayed the shit out of that area with Ant-Spray and Raid. That only seems to make them stronger.
And contrary to what you might think, they seem to love walking and getting Lysol Wipes juice all over them.

My counter, sink, and floor is immaculate. There's nothing for you to eat... How are you surviving?
They're even on the ceiling for some reason, why are you on the ceiling?

There's about a 100+ ant conga-line going on, and I just killed every last one of them. Yet in 3 hours they'll be back.
They're real dicks.



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What kind of ants-- pissants? Carpenter? Red? Hard to tell from the pic. A couple months ago I had a similar problem and had to put ant traps around the outside of my house.
It's only been like 2 hours, and there's another 100 down there...
Another ant holocaust occurred.

They won't stay still long enough for my stupid iphone to focus, but they just look like regular ants you'd see outside eating dropped food.



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break out the 7 dust and go around the outside of your home with it a few times. then just finish off the ones already in.


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Get some Terro ant killer.


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I am completely convinced that ants are trying to take over the world, and once they figureout how to set off a a-bomb were dead.


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Burn your house to the ground.

That'll show 'em.


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Get a couple cans of Coke and pour some out away from your house and leave the half full cans in your yard. It will at least attract them away from your home.

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Peanut butter and that boric powder ant killer shit took care of my ant problem.


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Get sum uncles er sumpin'. Tsss


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Had exactly the same problem earlier this year. Turned out I had a nest of piss-ants in the door of my dishwasher. Ready supply of food and a safe place to live... you have to watch them to see where they're coming from dude, little fuckers are organized.
Call a professional. Ants are nigh impossible to get rid of with over the counter products.
You need to let them take bait back to the colony to kill it.
this this this this a thousand times. I still say a pro is the best way to go though. Their poisons are much better and they know where to bait so the shit gets back to the nest.

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