All weather, long distance Wifi antenna A/B/G/N


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Here is what I'm looking for.. I will be on very flat ground, with little obstructions (trees, buildings, etc.). I would like to know what the best setup would be. I'm thinking very high gain external antenna, very low loss coax, and a higher power wifi card for a laptop and/or or router. Please let me know what you think is the best, and where to get the equipment for the best price. I know I could spend Thousands of dollars, but I know we have more then a few baggers who have done this before. Please know, in winter, sub zero temps, blowing snow, etc.



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I have this one:

Had it for two years, got it from that ebay guy in Canada. It's awesome, I live in a tourist area and get a dozen resort wifi signals that I wouldn't get with a standard antenna.
This listing looks like he's made it even better, with an external adapter. Mine is built in, with USB cable coming from antenna. That one has coax.
Thing is, it looks like he doesn't have any more, the listing ended and he has none newly listed.
Wouldn't hurt to write to him and see if he is getting more stock.

If that doesn't work, I'd go with a long (1 meter or so) yagi style, you can build or buy prefab.