All your Juice are belong to Starbucks


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Apr 22, 2002
Look for one of these in your neighborhood within 5 years.

Starbucks opens juice store in Bellevue

By Associated Press Published: Mar 19, 2012 at 7:34 AM PDT Last Updated: Mar 19, 2012 at 7:34 AM PDT

SEATTLE (AP) - Starbucks Corp. is pushing beyond coffee with the opening of the first Evolution Fresh Inc. juice store, the company said Monday.

Starbucks, which is looking for new businesses for growth, purchased the California-based juice maker in November for $30 million. Evolution Fresh had been selling its juices in grocery stores such as Whole Foods groceries. The first Evolution Fresh store is in Bellevue.

Aside from juices, Starbucks says Evolution Fresh shops will have wraps, soups, salads, vegetarian and vegan options and other offerings.

Evolution Fresh, started by Naked Juice founder Jimmy Rosenberg, is one of the few larger juice companies that still cracks, peels, presses and squeezes its own fruits and vegetables rather than using pureed or powdered ingredients. It also uses a process called high-pressure pasteurization to make the juice without heating it.

Starbucks sees these methods as a competitive edge over juice makers such as Odwalla or Naked Juice, which it currently carries in its stores, as it allows Evolution Fresh to keep a higher nutritional quality in the juice while maintaining the taste.

Starbucks said Evolution Fresh drinks will make their way into Starbucks' company-owned stores later this year. Evolution Fresh is also planning to add new seasonal and other juices to its product lineup.

Starbucks' acquisition of Evolution Fresh is part of an attempt to broaden its business as consumers demand healthier products and it faces growing competition from the likes of McDonald's Corp. and Dunkin' Brands Group Inc.'s Dunkin' Donuts chain. The company has rolled out lower-calorie and lower-fat food options, sugar-free syrups and switched from whole milk to 2 percent milk as the default in its drinks.
Between Jamba Juice and Emerald City Smoothie, this stuff has been jumping in Seattle. Time to take it corporate boys.
May 24, 2004
Queens, NY
Look for twenty-seven of these in your neighborhood within 5 years.

If they use fresh fruits and vegetables and keep the sugar and other additives to a minimum, I wouldn't mind trying it out if they keep the cost of a cup under $1 or so.

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Jan 25, 2007
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So it'll be $5.45 for a large. The ingredients will be hard to come by for a long time. Then it'll come out that sugar is ingredient two. Combine that with shit you can't pronounce, and we're all happy.

I'll stick with water.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
Aug 23, 2002
Fuck vegans