AllAccess reports on O&A's "feud" with Tracy

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The latest drama for OPIE AND ANTHONY is an apparent feud with their local NEW YORK PD, CBS Alternative WXRK (92.3 K-ROCK)'s TRACY CLOHERTY, with the hosts complaining on the air FRIDAY that CLOHERTY has "decided not to help us anymore" and referring to an off-air battle earlier in the week.

Noting that CLOHERTY was not helping the show get a prize for a contest and musing that they would have to "take up a collection from the listeners" for a prize, ANTHONY CUMIA said that CLOHERTY has "disappeared ... since we had that little, um, altercation during one of the breaks" earlier last week, prompting OPIE to say that "Drama Queen (CLOHERTY) has decided not to help the OPIE AND ANTHONY show anymore. Drama Queen has decided to just avoid us at all costs ... I think she's, like, uh, playing a little game of 'I'll show them! I'll show them!'" He added that he told CLOHERTY to leave him alone, prompting her to walk away in what ANTHONY called "an awful stomping walk of dejection."

A tirade against the show's new WYSP/PHILADELPHIA PD JOHN COOK preceded O&A's cancellation on that station.
It sounds a lot worse the way they write it up...
More specifically, Osorio claims in the court papers that Scott ordered the magazine's editors to publish articles about Hot 97's Angie Martinez and the station's program director, Tracy Cloherty, which suggested both women were sexually promiscuous and "had advanced their careers in the rap music industry by having sex with many entertainers and performing certain sexual acts."

shes a class act


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I she really qualified for this position or did Tom get a little side action for her to get the job?


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Good, let the battle commence.


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If she's fired this will be, what, the third PD gone in a little under a year and a half since the boys returned to terrestrial ?


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I hope she gone the music on 92.3 sucks too much rap shit. They play that Jamaica Jamaica song every 30 minutes.


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Is she the chick Ray Benzino (formerly of The Source Magazine) called a "Slut Monkey"?


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I hope she gone the music on 92.3 sucks too much rap shit. They play that Jamaica Jamaica song every 30 minutes.
that would be Jam Rock by Damien Marley. i listen to KRock in the backroom at work, and my coworkers ask me why they're playing reggae on a rock station. but i tend to think it's because they either have stoners working at the KRock studios or they think they can appeal to more stoner listeners by throwing a little Damien Marley into the mix.

and yes, i hope the uppity cunt quits. let's keep the PD's coming until we get one that actually understands the show and won't bitch when the bbboys mention stuff like losing cities that doesn't make them look all that good. by-the-book dopes like her don't understand that is what being HONEST and not being phony radio jocks is all about - talking about stuff that is going on and not ignoring it or pretending it's not happening. it's what sets O&A apart from the other phony douches in radio.
I hope she gone the music on 92.3 sucks too much rap shit. They play that Jamaica Jamaica song every 30 minutes.
its amazing how often they play that song. and its an old song. its not like its the "hot" recent track that just has to be played


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I'll just be glad when we can all stop pretending like she's hot. Icchhh.


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I knew this cunt would eventually show her true colors like a bloody hole.

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It hit Radio-Info this morning:

Now Opie & Anthony say their own PD (“the drama queen”) is giving them the silent treatment.

On Friday’s show, O&A say that WXRK, New York programmer Tracy Cloherty “has decided not to help us any more” and she’s apparently trying to teach them a lesson “since we had that little altercation during one of the breaks” earlier in the week. They even make fun of her “awful walk-away, with the arms flailing left and right.” Just a couple of weeks ago, Opie & Anthony were ragging on WYSP, Philadelphia PD John Cook for ignoring them. Now it’s their own PD. They’re not exactly employing the Dale Carnegie technique of winning friends and influencing people, are they?

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Anyone else want Tracy's legs to break?


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She fucked balloons to get where she's at, and it wouldn't surprise me that she'd bang whomever it took in order to climb the corporate ladder. Don't forget about that little "offer" of hers to Anthony when she first started working there. In case you don't linger longer, she offered her place for Anthony to stay at in the city so he didn't have to drive back to L.I.. So, she's not only a slut, a balloon lover and a bad PD but also a homewrecker. Tracy sucks, literally and figuratively.