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Selling their reproductive eggs has to be one of the most awful excuses ever concocted.

PIERRE, S.D. (Some content from AP) - State D-C-I agents who first interviewed Ted Klaudt and seized evidence from his house were back on the witness stand today in his trial in Pierre. It's the second day of testimony in the trial of the former state lawmaker on charges he ***** two of his foster daughters. Prosecutors allege that Klaudt touched the girls' breasts and vaginal areas under the pretense that he was helping them qualify to make money by selling their reproductive eggs. This morning, one agent testified about items taken from Klaudt's home. They included a briefcase, computer, syringes and written notes that appeared to refer to body measurements. Shortly after jurors took a short break about mid morning, one of the teens who is accusing Klaudt of the inappropriate behavior took the stand. The woman is now 19-years-old and attends college in North Dakota. Under examination by Assistant Attorney General Patricia DeVaney, the young woman told the court that her childhood years were troubled by abuse. She says she eventually was committed to the Department of Corrections after she started getting in trouble at the age of 12 or 13. She ended up under the foster care of the Klaudt family in April of 2003 when she was fifteen, after being sent to a facility in Iowa, staying in a foster home in Edgemont and then going to a facility in Custer. The teen says she did not initially trust Ted Klaudt, but began to do so with time. She says eventually began to confide in Klaudt and that he was aware of the abuse she was subjected to when she was younger. She told those in the courtroom that at times, Klaudt asked her to sit on his lap and cuddle-offers she says she resisted. She says at one point after she had been in the Klaudt’s care for a few years, Klaudt told her that he had shown some pictures of her face to someone in Pierre who said that the teen could be a model, but that she must have nude photos. She said Klaudt took some of the photos in an outside area on his property. She said Klaudt brought up the topic of egg donation sometime after that. In tearful testimony, the teen said Klaudt told her she could make money by selling her reproductive eggs to people who aren’t able to have children. She said Klaudt performed the so-called egg harvest procedure in Pierre at the hotel room where he stayed during his legislative service. She said although she cried during the procedure, Klaudt resisted her efforts to keep him from continuing. Klaudt's lawyer has said the former lawmaker's actions did not amount to ****, but the young woman says he forced to continue the tests when she wanted to quit.


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