Alleged Underwear Theft Leads Florida Man To 100th Arrest


Here's one milestone that hardly calls for celebration.

Florida police arrested a man for the one hundredth time on Thursday, after he allegedly shoplifted $174 worth of socks and underwear.

An employee at a Bealls department in Port St. Lucie says he spotted Joseph Wilson, 50, leaving the retail outlet with merchandise stuffed under his shirt, according to Broward-Palm Beach NewTimes.

When police approached Wilson outside the store, they say he jumped into an idle white van and instructed the driver to "take off." But the driver -- a friend of Wilson, according to MSNBC -- didn't take off at all, so Wilson fled police through the opposite side of the van.

Wilson actually managed to outrun authorities, only to have his escape thwarted when a witness found the suspect hiding behind a Dumpster and some bushes at a nearby Wendy's.

When authorities confronted Wilson, he allegedly offered the classic "out for a run" routine.

"He told the officers he had been jogging and was out of breath and was just resting," Tom Nichols, Port St. Lucie Police Department spokesman, told WPTV-5. Eventually, Wilson explained that he'd fallen on "hard times."

Wilson's first 99 arrests include 37 felonies, 47 misdemeanors, and 15 other charges -- resulting in 35 convictions along the way to reaching the century mark.

Wilson is charged with petit theft and resisting recovery of property. He is being held on $20,000 bond.

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100 arrest and 37 of them are felony related. Florida......nuff said.