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"Ladies and gentlemen, Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennedy.

You know something; I almost couldn't bring myself to make this thread because I'm sick to my stomach for several reasons. The first, most obvious reason is that drama has run rampant on paltalk so much. There’s always someone who must be the big dog in the room and try and take down everyone’s enjoyment.

The second, less obvious reason is that no one seems to understand anymore that we are a team. See… a term that I always coined was that we are like 300. It's no secret that we don’t all exactly get along. However, we must all band together during times of crisis or times need. That’s what makes us different from any other group out there. Side by side, shield to shield, we stand tall and strong.

We’re all fans of the same thing, why can’t we just try and be nice to each other? Because of petty rivalries and nonsense? Is it jealously of others? Sure, we’d all like to be richer and better looking, but look at who you are from the inside as well. We’re all unique and make the room what it is. The quicker people can realize this, the smoother the room can be. Realize that we are all united.

I could talk to some of you about anything. I talk about everything from my career to my finances to my personal life at home… And some of you have told me a lot of great things. Told me that good things happen to good people. That great things happen to people who work really really hard. For people that grab that brass ring and don't wait for things to just be handed to them on silver platters.

So the real context of this convoluted post is to insure you all that without each and every one of you, paltalk wouldn’t be what is it. Keep your drama and personal issues aside for a minute, and appreciate everyone.

Be well, and thanks for your attention; as brought to you by the king of all threads…





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what the fuck?



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all that effort...only to be mocked for its lameness. pity.


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[kneeknee singing] kev slider .. kev kev slider...[/kneeknee singing]
[kneeknee singing]locking lame threads from his chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair!!!!![/kneeknee singing]


I've been infected with The Virus!!!


"Is A"


Crowd: " O & A, O & A, O & A"


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Very nice JG, great spin on the pics!

Flea, What the F???


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it is a show related board ass hat



I take back what I said in your other thread

I dont like you at all


I hope Lee fucks you up next time he sees you...

Lee little known fact, flea "loves" to be touched by guys... :haha7: :haha7:

You're so dead flea
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