Am considering becoming a personal trainer: any advice?


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Aloha there Baggers-I am considering seeking work and certification as a personal trainer after my youngest heads off to school next Fall.

Any of you currently doing that kind of work? What certification is best? I've heard NASM is among the best.

Any other advice?

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Have the attractive girls do exercises that show off their best body parts so everybody in the gym can see.


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will you be offering rub and tugs during the cool down? :action-sm

Good Luck, Hope it works out for you.


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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say no.

Research the local industry and make sure there is a demand for them. One of my college buddies is a personal trainer out here in California, and he has been having a tough time keeping busy.


Roar. Go: Eagles, Flyers, Philles, Buckeyes, etc.
Bunch of comedians I gots here....