'American Psycho' Author Looks Toward Slasher Film Franchise

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HOLLYWOOD (Zap2it.com) – Bret Easton Ellis, 36, the author whose popular books Less Than Zero and American Psycho were turned into movies, might soon become a regular source of box office fodder.

Last year, the adaptation of "American Psycho" hit screens with Christian Bale, 27 as the yuppie serial killer Patrick Bateman and Reese Witherspoon, 25, and Chloe Sevigny, 26, as supporting players. Now it looks like Lions Gate is planning a franchise of "Psycho" sequels.

Next up is "American Psycho 2: The Girl Who Wouldn't Die," which will star "That '70s Show" co-star Mila Kunis, 17, and "Star Trek"-alum William Shatner, 70, and will be directed by Morgan J. Freeman, 39, ("Desert Blue").

"I'm the kind of writer that sees books and movies as two totally different animals," said Ellis in an interview with the New York Post. "So far, none of these movies has blotted out the book for the reader."

Ellis' debut novel Less Than Zero was turned into a 1987 film starring Robert Downey Jr., 36, Andrew McCarthy, 38, Jami Gertz, 35, and James Spader, 41. Recently he sold the rights to his second novel, The Rules of Attraction. The upcoming film will be directed by Roger Avary, 35, and stars James Van Der Beek, 24, and Shannnyn Sossamon, 21.

"Lions Gate wanted to put a serial killer in 'Rules of Attraction,' said Ellis. "But Avary said no, and that's when they decided to make 'American Psycho 2.' I've even heard that they were thinking about doing 'American Psycho in L.A.," 'American Psycho in Las Vegas,' and making a whole franchise out of it."

"[But] we're going to see what happens with 'American Psycho 2' before we go ahead with a franchise," said a source at Lions Gate. "'American Psycho' does have a brand name and it was a big international hit and a huge home video title."

The most recent book by Ellis, Glamorama, is also being adapted to the big screen. "Michael Tolkin, who wrote 'The Player' is going to write and direct it," Ellis said. "Kip Pardue, the guy from 'Driven' is going to be the main character


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So what Christian Bale isn't going to be in the sequel? That would blow. He kicked ass as that yuppie 80's guy. I still don't know what the end of that movie means. Anyone, Anyone?
From what i understand the ending of the movie was just everything was all in his head. It never really happened.

I think Christian Bale will not be in the sequels but i hope im wrong cause they never said he was and they never said he wasnt.


I speak the human language
Yeah that is pretty much what I took from it too. That it was in his head. Then I thought that maybe he got so mixed up in all the personalities he was using that he wound becoming somebody completly different, instead of making his real self Patrick Bateman a popular guy. I don't know it's just confusing to me. I don't get it.

Anyway, I hope he is in the sequel cause he really did kick ass in the first one.
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