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You know, this movie isn't half bad. When you get over the occasional, "It's been 13 years!"... (We get it, a lot of time has gone by in the storyline) This movie is pretty good for what it is.

Lots of American Pie-styled ackwardness, the acting is good. It definitely fits in with the original 3 movies. There's certainly funny parts. Some cheesy parts. Tara Ried is annoying as would be expected.

I would recommend it. Get a little drunk sometime and watch this on a cool summer evening. It's pretty cool. Classic Stiffler, btw. That's one of the things I was really happy about, and Jim Levinstien as a character is 100% exactly the same in terms of everything- which is really good.



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I will stick my opinion in here instead of the other one. I watched it yesterday and it was ok. I hate Chris Klein but his dancing scene was pretty funny, he sucked in the rest of the movie. Tara Reid served no purpose in the movie, it was like they brought her back just because and then gave her no responsibility and the same goes for Shannon Elizabeth. Jason Biggs was still too over the top awkward and Allyson Hannigan is starting to age and look rough.

All in all, it is worth the rent and time to watch if you liked the first few.

PS. I am always shocked at how they completely disown the two straight to dvd movies. Jim's dad is like the party king in those two and in this one he mentions how he never drinks and never parties.


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To be frank, Fuck the Straight to dvd Movies. They're worse then American Wedding and that movie was dog shit.


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Well, wanted to hate and mock it, but frankly it was a perfectly acceptable bookend to the franchise. Tied up all the stories nicely, gave some sweet closure to the characters. Hell, even Stiffler getting his revenge on the jock douchebags made me laugh hard.

Solid B+ from me.


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To be frank, Fuck the Straight to dvd Movies. They're worse then American Wedding and that movie was dog shit.
Remember when Stiffler ate Dog Shit in that movie! LOL!!!

I hated American Wedding because the entire final third seemed to be all about Stifler's Redemption.