Amputee chick builds a lego leg

Nick the Pig

Scraping a dull comment across your tender eyeball
I would've thought the only upside to losing a leg was not having to worry about stepping on a Lego brick ever again.
Erock's going to make a fortune making these. A lego-leg tycoon, I say!


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Wackbag Staff
But can she make a Lego Dildo?


I want to fuck your girlfriend.
I watched some of her other videos. She decided to have part of her leg amputated after her car crushed her foot. The video where she explains why is disgusting. She shows her mangled and necrotic foot, I would have done the same thing if I was in her position.

Hog's Big Ben

Getting ass-***** in The Octagon, brother.
The tattoo on the back of her whole leg is hilarious.