Amy Fisher Sex Tape

South Jersey

I told you so ... too
It is the worst Motel 6 sleazy and unsexy pile of shit you'll have wasted downloading time on. She has an nice body and is a total pig in bed but there is just something about her and that Joey clone she married that prevented me from filling up.

One more thing I noticed she has an ass cave, probably from the Buttafuoco pussy stretcher that wondered in her asshole a few times.

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South Jersey

I told you so ... too
Sorry, I got it as a Mirc download. It's a huge file, if anyone has an FTP link I'll be happy to share.

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ok now that is an obvious publicity stunt

Iron Duke

Fuck DHL Express....German faggots!!
Knock knock....

Who's there?....


Amy who....


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I keep clicking on new posts, hoping that it will actually be up some time.

Something about her.......She looks really good in the preview.


There's nothing quite like a shorn scrotum.
She looks good on all fours.


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Nope - guess i dont need this hand lotion
I just dl'ed it again and it worked. You have to scroll down to dl maybe?
I should credit for the dl because he is a fan of the show.
She is a disaster! Thanks for the link.
Horrid ugly cunt too, and she couldnt turn on an animal in heat!

The guy wanted to cum on her face and she had to make sure to say " on my tits" again.
She shouldve took a fucking bath in it!

She wouldve been much better off making it a fucking **** scene, crying real tears taking the load on her face.



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