an answer to DH's question

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Stingray????it says you are member # 400 what was your name b4 this one if I may ask?
In the beginning it was "wackbag" when I started posting on the other board I changed it to "stingray" so they wouldnt think I was spamming. I also changed it to "mikey" for a very brief period, then back to "stingray".

The problem with the member # is because the change name hack I had with the old board software, although it changed my name and posts and stuff it made a new member number.

BUT if you remember, the old software didnt list the member # so when I upgraded the software I was as surprised as you to find out that I was member 400!


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Thanks Stingray
I was on the other board also
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Heh heh jesus do you think you have enough screen names there!!! ;)