And that's Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh!


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Getting ass-***** in The Octagon, brother.
While I don’t give Collins a pass for past shitting of the bed just because she for once made the right call on a key issue, but creepy how some of the others are. Apparently this shit went pretty unreported.
The man returned later and left a basket containing four potatoes on her doorstep, the significance of which she never determined.

The message couldn't be any clearer: no more aborting retards if Kavanaugh helps get Roe v. Wade overturned.


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If someone sent a Dem multiple envelopes of powder labeled Rican and Anthrax it would have dominated the news cycle for days, maybe a full week.
Like fake bombs sent to prominent libs and networks (not that I think that was right), but yeah, major story, major arrest and will get maximum sentence. Meanwhile didn’t the guy who sent “anthrax” to trump Jr’s family get a mere slap on the wrist?

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She's more a meatpuppet than a cunt.

McClean was the cunt that pulled the strings and scrubbed the media profile.

The timing is indeed quite suspicious.

None of this was Ford's idea. She was a hapless dumbbell who was suckered into this by the mastermind.

Monica McClean.

She was an FBI agent who worked in California(where Ford lives), and also with the notoriously-salty Southern District of NY courts.

She was an FBI agent who "retired" in 2016. Hmm, what happened in 2016?

She was a high school classmate, and lifelong friend of Ford, and she was one of the signers of the "we believe her letter".

McClean cooked the whole "Smear Kavanaugh" scheme up, but, she couldn't play the role of "the victim" herself, because it would've looked way too fishy her being so connected to the same FBI swamp rats that tried to frame Trump with the Russian bullshit.

So she got her lifelong friend, and perfect "victim" to play the part. McClean put everything together, and made it all happen.

McClean tried to keep herself mostly out of it, because she knows her fingerprints all over this makes it stink on ice. Notice she didn't come forward as "the friend who was there at the party with Ford", again, because that would've stunk to high heaven. So she just picked a high school friend of theirs that they prayed would go along with the scheme, but the friend didn't play along(even after they tried to pressure her to play ball) and so McLean and Ford threw her under the bus and slandered her as not remembering the party, or Kavanaugh, because of her "health issues"(a blatant lie). The one, and only, other sap they got to play along with the scheme was Ford's husband. They got him to confirm the "recovered memory" fairytale. That's it... that was all the "corroboration" they managed to gin up.

The notes from the therapist's "recovered memory" session, and the polygraph test(McClean's FBI connections), all of that was McLean-manufactured bullshit. And that's why none of it has been handed over to the FBI despite numerous official requests being made.

McLean cooked this whole bullshit scheme up because she saw an opportunity to fuck over Trump hard, and Ford went along with it because she's a brainwashed California college campus radical liberal, and she's a dummy who had no idea it was going to blow up as big as it did. She thought she could be "the face" behind the scheme that McClean cooked up, and just sign the letter, and do a few interviews with friendly Democrats, and that's all it would take to torpedo Kavanaugh, and motherfuck Trump.

Ford is clearly too dumb to put together an operation like this, but this is exactly the kind of scheme a Trump-hating, Obama-loving lifelong FBI agent could, and would, cook up.
Over a year later, and they still haven't handed over "the evidence" that the FBI requested.

Remember when the Dems vowed to keep investigating this until they got to "DUH TROOF!"?

Yeah, that was great.