And the winner is....Chocolate Rain!


Fuckin savages
Apr 14, 2005

NEW YORK - And the winner for best music video: "Chocolate Rain."

Tay Zonday morphed from an unknown musician to an Internet superstar who got booked on national TV shows after his song "Chocolate Rain" — an amateur clip of his baritone crooning — went viral last year. Now he's among the 12 winners of the second annual YouTube Video Awards, recognizing the top user-created videos of 2007.

YouTube users voted on six nominees for each category: music, sports, comedy, instructional, short film, inspirational, commentary, creative, politics, series, eyewitness and "adorable."

"It's the new Emmys," Zonday, 25, said of the video-sharing site's awards in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "It's the next Oscars. The next People's Choice Awards. It'll be interesting to see what happens five years, 10 years (from now)."

His competition included comely singer-songwriter Mia Rose and "the vegetable orchestra," featuring a jam session with a carrot flute and squash drum.

Neil Cicierega's video featuring "Harry Potter" hand puppets (and Professor Dumbledore without any clothes on) won for best comedy video. Guillaume Reymond's "Human Tetris" won most creative video.

Chris Crocker, who shot to stardom in his video freak-out over Britney Spears' public meltdown, was beat in the commentary category by a clip from Michael Buckley of the popular online show "What the Buck?" slamming fellow YouTube celebrity Lonelygirl15.

The Obama Girl, aka Amber Lee Ettinger, whose "I Got A Crush On Obama" clip has been seen more than 7 million times, didn't wind up winning in the politics category. That honor went to the serious-minded "Stop the Clash of Civilizations" video by the global organization

"The (political) video that actually won in an election year wasn't one that had anything to do with the election itself," said YouTube spokesman Aaron Ferstman. "(It's a) video that deals with ... serious issues like discrimination, and that video's done in kind of a neat way that speaks to young people."

Best eyewitness video was the epic "Battle at Kruger," which has drawn more than 26 million views to its astonishing footage of a baby water buffalo surviving an attack by lions — and a crocodile! — in the African prairie. It was up against the news-making clip of a University of Florida student pleading "Don't tase me, bro!" as police removed him from a John Kerry forum.

Ben Shelton's "My Name is Lisa" — a drama about a young girl and her mother who has Alzheimer's — triumphed in the newly added short film category. The winning Web series was "The Guild," a comedy about a group of obsessed online gamers.

The Texas Country Reporter's video about a blind painter won most inspirational video. The "Balloon Bowl" clip of a guy skateboarding in, well, a balloon-filled bowl snagged best sports video. And the incredibly cute, compulsively watchable "Laughing Baby" clip was voted most adorable.

Dan Brown's video "How to Solve a Rubik's Cube (Part One)" scored in the instructional category.

Ferstman said the prizes consist of "notoriety" and a trophy he described as "very heavy with a metal base" supporting a "big glass `play' button."

Ferstman said: "These are the (videos) that really will stand out and over time, you know, you'll say, `Hey, do you remember the Laughing Baby'?"

Zonday, who streams music from his YouTube channel, MySpace page and personal Web site, said he hopes to earn "a living making art and producing music," and is pursuing a voice-over career. He's flattered by the numerous online parodies of "Chocolate Rain," which has garnered nearly 16 million views.

"A lot of people see political commentary in (the song)," he said. "A lot of people find humor in it. A lot of people, they say their 2-year-olds can't stop repeating it at bedtime, so lots of people get different things out of the song. And I think the greatest consequence and the greatest mileage it can have is to get people asking questions."

What's the key to YouTube success?

"Just be very authentic and put yourself out there," he said in his mellifluous voice. "You'll never know what will happen."

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Glenn Dandy

Mar 21, 2005
Wackbag Whitehouse.
ohh brother.... he has no idea why hes now famous.

Chocolate rain.......Im famous now, give me some Cocain.... Chocolate rain..


Fuckin savages
Apr 14, 2005
just when I finally got the effing song out of my head ... it's back
Sorry Ma....let me make it up to you

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Feb 1, 2006
The least that negroid can do now in appreciation is shine General Anthony's leather Jackboots....


Hey Asshole Face!
Jan 19, 2008
What the hell is that kid, i can't tell if he's an adult, a child, black or indian has a shit load of better videos.
what a fag.


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Mar 19, 2008
Evart A.K.A. Nowhere - Michigan
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Ok these two dicks i listen to on my Xm while my kiddies are in the car got them addicted...(They are both five)

I had to fucking keepvid that stupid ass video!!

But why it won is beyond me!

Even with a crappy 56K I seen better O And A vids...FUCKING EROCK SNORTIN CINNAMON ....Stupid you tube! Or my tube......or his tube lots of tubes....


Hey Asshole Face!
Jan 19, 2008
Benjamin Bornstein drinks wine coolers with his grandfather's catheter tubes

23 Skidoo

Jun 7, 2006
West Haven, CT
I move away from the mic.... to indulge in a little fried chicken, watermelon and Ripple


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Dec 20, 2004
Shock jock named king of politically incorrect

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "Nappy-headed hos," the phrase that cost radio shock jock Don Imus his job and triggered a debate on how far free speech can go, was named on Thursday as the most egregious politically incorrect turn of phrase in 2007.

Trailing behind that phrase in the annual survey by Global Language Monitor (, a word usage group, were "Ho-Ho-Ho" and "Carbon Footprint Stomping," said the group's president Paul JJ Payack.

"Ho-Ho-Ho" made the list after a staffing company in Sydney, Australia suggested to prospective Santas they drop their traditional greeting in favor of "Ha-Ha-Ha" so as not to invoke images of the derogatory slang term for women.

"Carbon Footprint Stomping" is a phrase used to describe flaunting environmentally "green" activities by doing things like driving gas-guzzling Hummers and flying private jets, which in these energy-conscious times might be considered the height of political incorrectness.


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Aug 23, 2002
Los Angeles, CA
We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us.


I'm Gonna Be The Bestest Pilot In The Whole Galaxy
Jun 1, 2005
I haven't seen or even heard of most of those videos. I am completely out of the pop culture loop when it comes to internet videos.