Andy Dick goes GG Allin


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should be subtitled: "...or How to become top draft choice in death pools"

At least three people have died at least in some part because of this guy's shenanigans.

(David Strickland, Brynn and Phil Hartman - Andy got Brynn back into drugs)

Club: Andy Dick groped, offended, urinated

* Story Highlights
* Andy Dick performed at comedy club in Columbus, Ohio
* Club managing partner said Dick made inappropriate comments on stage
* Comic also groped patrons, took women into men's room, urinated on person

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- David Stroupe said it was one of the worst experiences with a performer in the history of the Funny Bone Comedy Club.

He was referring to Andy Dick, a former co-star on the 1990s sitcom "NewsRadio," who appeared at the Funny Bone last weekend.

Stroupe, the club's managing partner, said the 41-year-old actor-comedian made inappropriate comments while on stage, groped patrons, took women into the men's room and urinated on the floor and on at least one person.

A limousine driver was to meet Dick early Monday morning at a hotel near the club, Stroupe said, but he couldn't be found and missed that morning's flight to Los Angeles.

Dick was across town, where he was issued a citation for urinating on the sidewalk by Columbus policeman John Fantin. Police eventually escorted Dick back to the hotel, Stroupe said.

Dick's manager, Max Burgos, did not immediately respond Friday to phone and e-mail messages by The Associated Press seeking comment.

Dick is scheduled to appear Thursday in Franklin County Municipal Court, but instead could pay a $126 fine and court costs for the misdemeanor offense, a court employee said.

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Maybe next he'll try the stick of dynamite up his ass suicide that GG never pulled off.


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What are inappropriate comments at a comedy club?

I don't know anyone that was there, but did he mention sticking a fork in a ******?


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what's he doing performing at comedy clubs? dont you have to be funny to do that?


I want to have L'il Jimmy's babies
Then there's Andy's dick:



I have to return some videotapes!
Jon Lovitz should have finished this ass felcher off for good!


if he was GG he wouldve punched the women who he lured into the bathroom, pissed on the whole first row and then top the night off with some eating of his own feces.

Good Ol GG... RIP ya fucking psychopath


if he was GG he wouldve punched the women who he lured into the bathroom, pissed on the whole first row and then top the night off with some eating of his own feces.

And shove a microphone up his ass


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this is worse publicity than dimeags death.

f andy dick.

ots like a 13 yr old that has his mom n dads car for the week, he just doenst know hes not funny. quit f-in round and do something... anything but stand up. you loser poser douche!

glad i wasnt there... i wouldda been in the news too, for beatin the queer down.


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How the fuck are you offended in a comedy club? That's just stupid. And I never heard of a little piss killin anybody.

Joe Avezzano

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Who is buying tickets to see this guy? Is he even funny or is he just "outrageous"?

Fruit Monkey

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I like the part he took women into the mens bathroom? 100-1 they went oh so willing.