Angry Grandpa HATES Casey Anthony (Not Guilty!?)


The Only Thing Bigger Than My Head
You have introduced me to my new favorite person in the world, and for that:



LDAR, bitch.
Nice (lack of) teeth, Trailer-Pops.


Slaying Zombies
Sounded like he said "I'm a meth head!" at the beginning. Would make sense. Though I think it was "Imma miss it!"


Slaying Zombies
Couldn't sleep, watched a ton of his videos and laughed till my cheeks hurt.
I started to wonder where these ppl were (somewhere in SC), only took a couple minutes to find em on google earth. Sub station II, Segars dentist, a trailer park, trampoline, shed, red minivan, position of trees and neighbors, the sounds of the airport in the videos. Not sure why I did it, bored I guess.
Dont know whether to feel like a detective or stalker, but with all the info they gave out, couldnt resist.
I once spent a whole day searching out the Nazca Lines with no help. Love gEarth. I need sleep, and possibly help.