Anime Recommendations

Finished Garo Vanishing Line.

A solid series with no real weak points, but it also didn't excel at anything other then some big fights were very well done. Its worth watching once if you don't have anything else on your plate.

The wiki of the main characters description is pretty funny. "The protagonist, also known as Garo the Golden Knight is the premier Makai Knight. He is a tall man with a muscular build who loves steak and is attracted to large-breasted women."

Imagine trying to get that character across here as some dyke feminist stares daggers at you.
Once again, I have many problems with scenes were animated or subtitled. Maybe if they didn't add 50 new useless scenes to the provisional license exam they would have time to do things properly and be able to end the season in a more interesting place.
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I rated each so anyone who cares can know if they should waste their time or not.

Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro - B+
-Great characters
-Lots of charm
-Some pretty inventive scenarios that spice up the genre and most other series don't do

Asobi Asobase - B
-Similar to Chio-Chan in that its a funny show about a small group of unpopular idiot girls
-Chio-Chan has slightly more polish, but both are very strong shows

Overlord season 2 and season 3 - B-
-If you already liked Overlord season 1 then watch it
-Its getting better and more gruesome with each season, but the lack of a strong enemy for the protagonist is getting annoying
-The protagonist secretly being a fool helps though
-still, the guy makes Saitama seem weak. Find a guy who can put up a fight. Spice things up a bit.
-well animated and the many characters are fairly distinct despite there being so many

Angolmois - Genkou Kassenki - C-
-very run of the mill historical action samurai show
-characters mostly stink
-some good sword fights
-the WORST grain filter I've ever seen in a show, god is it distracting
-Golden Kamui blows it out of the water in every single respect. So watch that instead.
Baki (2018) B - Covering the prisoner arc from the manga series. Pretty entertaining, they do a decent job of explaining the back story from all the stuff that was not covered. Its very over the top violent, but not in a edgy way, its done in a ridiculous silly way.

New airing shows

Goblin Slayer episode 1 -

Jojo season 5 episode 1 - Its more Jojo, whats not to enjoy?
@Neon @Falldog

SJW's are sperging out over Goblin Slayer.

They say that goblins are a metaphor for Jews and minorities. The message is a secret dog whistle for white supremacy, and that the show is sexist and fascist.

Its all very amusing.

I know Black Clover gets a bad rap for...well.. this.

But if you learn to accept him for being an absolute jackass. It has one of the best group of characters I've come across. They're so much fun.

The Black Bulls Squad alone are so fucking great.

The leader is also voiced by Eraser Head's voice actor. Huge Bonus.

Black Clover season 1 - A
Take all the voice actors from My Hero Academia and give them a better show. That's Black Clover!
Slightly kidding, but only slightly.

Black Clover's cast gels better than just about any anime cast I've come across. The characters bicker and fight in such a way that it makes them actually seem like real friends. Season 1 is 51 episodes and contains almost no CGI, save one boss fight, every episode contains a silly post-credits "what if?" sketch called "petit clover".

The only gripe I have is that the end of season 1 felt like they were stretching for time. I've not read this comic so I don't know, but cutting it from 51 to say, 48 episodes, would have sped things up considerably.

That a side, its a really great show. Season 2 just started as well.

Checked out your twitter out of boredom and saw you asking for anime suggestions.

First off, you come to Jimcy first for suggestions.

Second, they told you to watch Megalo Box, which means they're stupid. As I told you before, It starts good but quickly becomes unbelievable and plodding.

The show you SHOULD watch if you can only watch one show is Golden Kamuy. Perfect balance of humor, action, interesting characters, ect. Its almost half way into season 2 now as well.
@Falldog looks like even more set backs for Deku... this is getting tedious at this point.

I know Hori says he makes the story up as he goes along but take a fucking month off and map the story out for fuck sake.
Gegege no Kitarou - Stupid and boring

Grancrest Senki - worthless crap

Hinamatsuri - I'm enjoying this

Hinomaru Sumo - Not quite as good as the manga but still fun

Golden Kamuy and Jojo continue to be excellent. Kamuy is the better of the two though.
I let Jojo, Black Clover, Goblin Slayer, and Golden Kamuy pile up for weeks and now I'm binging them.

Season 5 of Jojo is awesome for many reasons, but hearing Deku's voice come out of a crazy maniac just makes it extra awesome.

I also finished Hinamatsuri a week or so ago. That was a very weird blend of family drama mixed with telepathic girl. I really enjoyed it and I'm not sure where I heard about it.

I check out 2 or 3 episodes of SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Gridman. I don't get the hype. It bored me.
Finished Black Clover season 2. All the episodes should have been animated like episode 63. I found season 2 to be underwhelming.

Starting in on the second half of Golden Kamuy. First episode back there's a fashion show where all the clothes are made from human skin. I love this show.
Caught a couple episode 1's for new seasons.

Mob Psycho 2 - they cut a page that I feel was important, but other wise great.

Dororo - this is a pretty interesting one. Its very well animated and not afraid of brutal violence. Its samurai and demons era stuff with a pretty interesting show runner. I'm very curious where this one goes.

Think I may give Gegege no Kitarou another chance. I wasn't impressed with what I saw of it but it is 38 episodes and counting. So it must have some merit.


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