Announcement: WEIRD MEDICINE

This should go into the "Other shows on 202" forum...

Ok, I've put it off long enough!

We've gotten the OK to do a pilot of "Weird Medicine: with Doctor Steve" on XM202 on October 13th. It'll either be at 9pm or 10:30pm as we're sharing the 3 hours with Big Kev.

We'll do weird medical topics and answer calls. Send me any medical questions to and we'll try to get some of them answered on the air.

The best part of the show is our theme music (uh oh) so at least listen to the beginning.

your pal,



Uncontrollable Urge
Hey nice Dr. Steve.
I'll follow this up with "Boring Pharmacist questions with Milkmandan".
Congrats Dr. Steve. Good luck...
You guys all have comments about you from celebrities in your sig files. I am fucking envious :)

Seriously, it's a cool gig. Pray for me not to shit the bed. And send me some cool questions. See you in October.

your pal,



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Wackbag Staff
What were the weirdest patients you ever had and what was their diagnosis?