"Anonymous" Getting picked off by the Feds...


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Of course he's a white dude with dreads ...

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Six down and 1,000,000 more to go. Good luck with that.


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Yep, one script kiddie down, thousands to go ...


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Hate to tell the cops this, but if you caught him, he's not worth catching. You caught one of the script kitty legion, congrats. You didn't get any of the real Anon.
Roh roh... again title 18...

The United States Attorney's Office prosecutes computer hacking offenses under Title 18, United States Code, Section 1030 (fraud and related activity in connection with computers). Section 1030 prohibits intentional, unauthorized access into a protected computer which causes damage in excess of $5,000. Protected computers are broadly defined as any computer used in interstate or foreign commerce. Damage is any impairment to the integrity or availability of data, a program, a system or information. Sentences range up to twenty years, depending upon the victim's loss. Losses include any reasonable cost to respond to the intrusion, conduct damage assessments and restore data, programs and networks to their pre-intrusion condition, as well as any revenue lost or costs incurred as a result of any interruption of service.


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he looks like "Fight the system maaaaaann" while on his big expensive computer person.


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You can only wave around your e-peen for so long before someone takes action.

Go fuck with some more websites, script kiddies, see what happens.

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I can't not roll my eyes when I see a white guy with dreadlocks. It's like a physical impossibility for me... like closing your eyes when you sneeze. I just can't not do it.


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If they're not picking them off with a rifle they're wasting my tax dollars.


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They also allegedly stole credit card information for about 60,000 users and made $700,000 in unauthorized charges.

I'm ok with hacktivist but when you go from hacktivist to theif then you deserve to go to jail and get yerself a size 7 poop chute.
I love it how the trib makes it out like Anon is "only" a group of people. They are several probably a lot more groups within other groups that make Anon what they are. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy is just a ploy and really has nothing to do with anything else.


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he looks like "Fight the system maaaaaann" while on his big expensive computer person.
He seems like a lot of fun to party with. I'm sure he doesn't boringly ramble on for minutes at a time about how unjust the American drugs laws are, how badly we need a third party, how America is the real terrorist organization, how he's organizing his own Occupy movement soon, blah de blah blah....