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If you got news that you only had 48 hours to live...what would you do???

"Is it true chicks fart when you blast 'em in the ass?"
"Fuck,Fuck,Fuck a duck.Screw a kangaroo.Finger an orgy at the zoo!"
"She's a slut...BONNNNNG!"


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I would damn I have no clue Hmmm
what do I like to do
Well Umm Errr

Never trust anyone....
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I would steal a new vette, go find pamela lee or Jenna Jameson and bang her for Great Justice!! Then I'd go run a Cat 973 track loader for a few hours (cause I love it) The I'd get on a Cat 345 excavator and dig my own grave and jump in.

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now that I think about it Forget Pamela Lee, Just look at that pic of jenna.. Goddamn ....Jenna only!
Hell ya but i would grab this girl in my neighboorhood and a jar of peanut butter i only got 48 hours to get her.