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K,I just recently got into the whole mp3 thing when I bought my V8 RAZR,2gb internal memory.Bought Motorola stereo earbuds for $8 on amazon,they have the built in do-hicky to do voice commands and talk on the phone,so were a good buy. When the phone rings the song is interrupted so you can answer.
Question is,some songs are louder than others,and I prefer louder. Is there some kind of proggie to boost the volume on mp3's?


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if you do your music through itunes, there is a preference there somewhere to adjust the volume. you can turn it up or keep at the same levels. you might have to run the music through the process again.there are probably some freeware progs that will do the same thing


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A lot of programs will do this, its called "normalizing".
There is also something called ReplayGain which will add Gain and Peak dB values to the file. I don't know if your phone will be able to read those tags, but if you run this on all of your files they will all be at the same relative volume.
i dld both and tried them both. simple, fast and many other functions. glad ya bought this up and my OCD was on fire now i solved a few issues of my own, just not that damn tunebite one.


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yea but dont give to much credit it was a completely useless post
Why was it useless? I told you what feature to look for in whatever program you chose to use. I field calls all the time from people who know what they want to do, but don't know the technical or accepted terminology, so they get stuck trying to find it themselves. Built-in help or a feature list is only useful if you know what the terms mean.

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it was as helpful as sayin..." bread , most sandwiches come on it"
When a guy starts a new thread with
"K,I just recently got into the whole mp3 thing when I bought my V8 RAZR
I'd say it's pretty safe to say he's not up on the latest terminology and might need a little education. Just because you knew the term doesn't mean everyone else does, especially the original thread starter.