Another Paris Hilton Sex Tape

Creasy Bear

gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh
Hows about that dir-tee hoor Amy Fisher? THe Lawnguyland Loliter? I heard she has a porno floating around the internets lately. Hopefully she'll get shot in the head this time... with a thick, viscous load.

Anybody got it?

Fruit Monkey

Don't stare at it eat it! P-1 In trainning
dude uhh it was huge news long ago when she failed to pay her storgae fee and some one get her shit for like 150.00


Ever Broken a Puerto Ricans arm for sweat pants $?
shit, the only one i saw before was the night vision one

Arc Lite

As big as your Imagination...
New or old it was fucking lame. Stupid attention whore trying to get her name in their again. Cunt.