Another show that I didn't listen to


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Hey guys,

Just wanted to take PatriceCKFan's example and let you all know that I still haven't resubscribed and therefore I have not heard any of today's show.

I know that this is important information to everyone.


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Does this mean that I should start a thread saying that I stopped listening at 8:30 again?


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It was really raining hard this morning.


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Why would this thread get locked?

It is the exact type of thing we are supposed to be creating threads about!


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I have several days' worth of shows to catch up on, which I will do tonight at work.

-beams over interesting post-

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I live on the west coast so I don't catch O&A until noon out here and haven't listened to today's show yet. Does that count?

And FYI: I prefer a nice sourdough from Fisherman's Wharf when I can get it...


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i just ran out of creamer and now i have to throw out this nice hot cup o coffee


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I'm out of sugar and have to use honey in my tea until I go to the store.q

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I just got a solar panel for charging my iPhone today, but it's cloudy and raining!



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I didn't listen to todays show either, but it's almost 3 and the replay will be on soon. And i don't pay for XM, FUCK those shit dicks>


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It was a shit too big for one thread to contain


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It's really freaking windy outside.

I'm skeeereed.


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
I don't even know how fucking bread ended up in there. Stupid ipad