Ant Reminds Us Why We Bothered With This Show In The First Place- L.T.- 08/04/10

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Guess who's back? Hoffman's back
yes sir, And those fags at Chrysler decided they wanted to look 'responsible' after Obama insisted they not bankrupt, they discontinued production of the Viper SRT-10!!!!!! WTF???

Bankrupcty would have been better, Obama just wouldn't allow the unions to get liquidated.

If they filed for bankrupcty, Dodge would DEFINATLY have been sold, probably to a group like Volkswagon. Could you imagine how cool a Audi Viper SRT-10 would be?

But yes, I got bored, I wanted a shorter name to type in.
Don't worry...Chrysler probably won't make it two more years anyways. The Big Three will be the Big Two in a few. I've heard though that Chrysler's plans are to tool down Viper production for two years and come back with a new Viper layout in 2012/13.


Guess who's back? Hoffman's back
I remember when that Nokia was the shit.

I have an LG Banter.
Technically Nokia still is the shit; Symbian, the OS of Nokia phones is the number 1 handset OS in the world.

The Godfather

Spark it up for The Godfather and say!!!!!
What attatchment does Gary Dell'Abata sit on?


Fucking your mother.
That Sun City song was organized by Little Steven, who has his own channel on Sirius. Another awkward moment, coming up!


He's no good to me dead.
Dead Snow is one of the best Zombie movies ever.
Nazis and Zombies.


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Great game

I'd like to see it translated to Xbox Live along with Munchkin


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I'm sorry....but this show is a total punch out for me (insert 1980's videogame pic here). Ant is funny as hell, but Bob Kelley ....ugh. Horrific. A mic hog who's only contributions are unfunny sex stories and tech talk that's surpassed only by Dell Customer Service.

We HAVE a tech guy...his name is Lazlow.

And speaking of Bob, wasn't he the gay running construction worker in Ghost Town? How come no one makes fun of THAT scene (where they're all chasing Gervais under the walk bridge)?

transit grinder

Baglin' with the Sex
Loved the horror movie discussion.

I would like to call in with nothing and win a copy of Kick-Ass.
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