Anthony Cumia Fired for Being Attacked in Times Square by a Racist

:( or :) for those of you who can't stand Ant rants-


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Of course, it had to be a fucking sheboon who went into full Denny's chimp-out mode.

But then again, didn't he say he was there at midnight?


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So for July 4th they take off the 2nd and the 3rd plus weekends? Well, whatever.

Too bad they can't strike while the iron is hot.


LDAR, bitch.
Perhaps Ant should also carry mace.


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Love the 'I had to yell at like dogs'. The image of ant street ranting is highlarious.


LDAR, bitch.
I wonder if Ant was taking pics like he was on Safari, "check out THIS ape. She's in full mating ritual mode.."


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...On the other hand, what a victory for her: she unwittingly attacked the one guy she would feel "had it coming to him". I guess she smelled it on him.


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@AnthonyCumia: RT @DrMorbid: Hey @AnthonyCumia what's your course of action regarding this woman now?

-nothing! They run things now. We're done.

Looks like ant is admitting defeat. He had a good run. All he has left is beaner immigration. Boring.
:haha7: now he's going on a little blocking rampage. Too bad he didn't have one of these near him:

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Yes Ant could've definitely used a nigerbegood stick.
I'm surprised he's able to text. My hands would be shaking like a motherfucker from the adrenaline.


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So he got punched for taking a creep shot while looking like a creep. Eh he should have punched her in the face, rather than being a faggot and saying he's above hitting women.
Thanks for this.
Damnit I wish there was a show!
Are they back on Monday?