anthony's apt.



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that is out of bounds for this message board
please refrain from personal stuff about O&A

This is the third post of yours I had to edit or delete and you just joined yesterday!

That is more than I had to edit in the last 3 months

there is only one rule here - DONT BASH OTHER MEMBERS and I just added a second rule - Personal stuff about anyone is not allowed. chill out a little dude

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What's the point Chester? I don't get it. So you claim you know Anthony's wall color. Who cares man? I can give two shits if his girl is nice looking or butt ugly. She should be hot, he has the best radio show in New york and soon to be the best in America. This is not news to me. As for his walls, I can give two shits.

If that is your claim to fame, then okay. Cool you know his wall color. Welcome aboard.

I like the comedy he brings to the radio, I have no interest in his personal life. If you do, you don't have to voice it on every post. I am not trying to bash you, but make sense with your posts if you expect a decent reply. Thank you.


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Hey I bet I know Anthony's shoe color on the bottom of his shoe. Ill bet it is black. Plus ill bet Opies hair is red.but the big one is that Opie and Anthony's snot is both green. jeeeezzz BTW my walls are mostly white not pure but an egshell latex.


I speak the human language
Opie and Anthony's snot is both green
My walls are the color bone. Don't just stare at it, eat it. ;)
Heh heh LOL!!! Oooh this guy knows the color of Anthonys walls in his apt. ;) ;)

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#6 know the color of Anthony's walls? Damn...I wish I knew that kind of stuff about my br...uh....I mean...Anthony. I think I'm gettin' a little jealous... :rolleyes:

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So what color are those walls anyway? Just joking. Now, if you knew what color his truck is, then you'd be on to something.