Anthony's Impression Of Alex Jones

Was Anthony's Alex Jones Impression Dead On?

  • Yes It Was, Turd!?

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  • No It Wasn't

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  • Trade Sal For Popcorn

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I heard Ant doing Alex today and it was dead on. I don't remember him doing it this well before. What say you?


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I'd trade Sal for a box of rocks.

(and yes, Ant does good impersonations)

Voodoo Ben

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hey, remember that part in Superman 2 where Superman throws that cellophane S at that guy?
Ant is being Alex Jones-ish. I agree with Ant on less government/conservativism. He is being paranoid.

I would see his (and Ron's) point about the military tactical gear and the tanks if they rolled it out every time there was a bank robbery in Cambridge or Boston. They don't. They send a squad car or at most a SWAT team.

There was a chance that the surviving terrorist could've planted IEDs. I'd rather the cops and Feds err with caution than have a pile of dead/injured police/federal officers.


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Ant's impression was fucking brilliant.

Opie is right when he says that Alex Jones is running a business, and he will say anything he needs to to maintain that business.

Jones doesn't really believe a word of the horseshit he spouts.


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The tin foil hat brigade smashed me on YouTube for daring to say such a horrible thing about their hero.


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The tin foil hat brigade smashed me on YouTube for daring to say such a horrible thing about their hero.
Remember last year when the late great Chris Kyle was on the show and stupid Alex started with his tough guy "yell, talk over, and insult whoever is questioning you", in that case Jesse Ventura's credibility relating to weather he got punched or not by Kyle, and then quickly dropped that angle when it obviously wasn't working? What a dickhead.
I don't think it's dead on but the fact that he can just toss off even mediocre impressions like that speaks to his talent.


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Alex Jones is a cunt... He's no better than Obama rush Limbaugh or any of those other close minded cunts.


Voodoo Ben

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And fuck Alex Jones for comparing himself to Bill Hicks!