Anti-Nazi Disney Video


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I've been an O&A for for a few years now, but it wasn't till a few weeks ago that I finally started listening on Paltalk. Well, after befriending a couple of the regulars there, I decided to stop the occasional lurking, sign up for a full account and start contributing to the community.

I actually like the "length of time as a member/number of posts made" restriction for starting a new threads. It makes sense because I wanted to start one but I honestly don't know if the subject matter has been posted before (although several searches turned up nothing).

It's a WW2 anti-nazi propaganda cartoon made by Disney back in the 1940's that I found on YouTube:


It kind of reminded me of the "50's version of the future" toon from a few weeks back and of course, there is also the Nazi angle that we all know our resident Fuhrer, Herr Anthony would love.

Tells me what you think.



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...that was informative. That little kid would have been better off joining the Cub Scouts or something. :action-sm

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Education for Death was a good 'toon. It's available in the Disney "On The Front Lines" collection, which includes "Reason & Emotion", Der Fuherers Face, Victory Thru Air Power, and lots of WWII Pluto and Donald cartoons.

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Does Disney still distribute these, and if they do, do they also distribute the anti Japanese ones that had racial stereotypes of asians?