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Oooh, good.

A "how to Techie topic" I can piggyback on.

My question:

What are my options as far as free or low-cost Virus protection programs for my new laptop?

It came with a three-month trial of Norton Antivirus, but they want, like $50 a month to keep it going. Seems a bit excessive. Can anyone provide any links to ones they have experience with (that are good)?


I need to get a couple of Micro SD cards for 2 new phones. Any good deals on them out there at the moment?

Thanks for any and all responses. :)


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AVG Free edition is a great anti-virus program for free.

I don't pay for anti-virus programs like norton or mcafee because in my opinion they use way too many resources.

I scan with AVG weekly, as well as using Spybot, between the two my computer runs great. especially considering the amount of porn I download.
AVG and Antivir are both decent free anti virus programs. The most you can do is not do suspicious things. Don't download porn, music, ect. from limewire or any of those P2P applications. Don't open attachment in email. Use Firefox or opera. If you insist on using Internet Explorer use IE7.
For spyware Spybot search and destroy and Adaware are both great. AVG also has a good spyware program. I recomend using all these. Not one anti spyware program isnt going to catch everything. As i said before the safest thing to do is not do anything suspicious and/or stupid.
If you want the best antivirus protection just get a router. it doesn't have to be anything much just a cheap router around $30-$40. If you don't want to deal with a router nod32 is one of the best antivirus programs out there but can be a bit complicated.
If you have anymore questions on security just PM or email me i been dealing with this kind of stuff for about 10 years not.


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AVG +1

I install it on all my customers' computers. (but personally, I dont think any of them are all that great) but AVG is good at offering some level of protection while not turning your computer into an out-of-RAM slow piece of shit.


I use PC-Cillin and have never had a virus.


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I know lots of people will disagree but:

Ditch anti-virus altogether. None of them catch the newest stuff (which is generally what you need...) and all of them suck resources like there's no tomorrow (though some are better than others).

Get behind a hardware firewall (to help protect against worms), and run a software firewall to warn you against any suspicious programs making outbound calls to the internet, which is something that all modern viruses do because their main goal is to make your computer a "zombie" (to do things like send spam).

#1 piece of advice: make sure your computer is patched. Almost all compromised machines were compromised because they were unpatched. Why? Because virus writers disassemble the patches sent out by Microsoft, see what security holes were fixed in the patch, and then go after those holes in unpatched machines.

Also, as someone else said, don't open stupid attachments. If you download programs from services like bitt[orrent, run those programs in a virtual machine first ("]"] running a software firewall to see if it does anything suspicious. Just for shits and giggles I do run a virus scan on the VM to see if whatever I downloaded gets flagged as suspicious or something. This buys me some additional "peace of mind," without the performance loss/annoyances of antivirus on my main set up.

Hope that helped, and let me know if you need me to clarify.

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Another AVG free user here. And it's not a resource hog like most.


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I use AVG personally, as well as on all my clients computers. I can't tell you how many times I've come across computers that had Norton installed and reporting the system was clean, only to load AVG and have it find viruses even while it was still installing.

Doesn't suck down system resources like Norton or McAfee.

The only time I've had to deal with a virus issue on a machine protected with AVG is when the user ignored the warnings and chose to run the infected file anyway.


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I'll be the dissenter. Avast trumps AVG. I've used both.


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Personally, you get what you pay for....

I suggest Frisk's F-Prot...will detect all known viruses, spyware, and rootkits and just about every new one before it comes out so long as you keep the virus definitions updated (which it does nightly). Costs about $30 bucks a year for up to 5 computers (although you can use it on more then that...).

Kaspersky Lab's also makes what is probably the best (and also most expensive) product as well. It will kill everything bad period. It's that good...I've thrown BIOS killing viruses at that piece of software and its found it right away.

Norton and McAfee IMO are obscene memory hogs and don't provide shit for protection.

Just my $0.02...



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I use AVG also and everytime I log into spreadtheiris AVG detects 4 Trojan Horses. It has done that 3 times now , I won't go there anymore.


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I'll be the dissenter. Avast trumps AVG. I've used both.

I found avast uses less resources.

I also use comodo firewall. Very good, but a bit annoying because it asks for approval for everything.


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I'm with Gonzo Radio and Blazin on this. Most AV programs use too many resources, even the free ones like AVAST! are annoying. I might of kept using it if I could have figured out how to get it to "Shut Up" and not announce every friggin time it did an update.

The best protection is knowing how not to catch a virus or malware. Along with the stuff Gonzo Radio mentioned, I also enable Hardware Buffer Overflow protection, DEP, on all my files, not just the default system files. This way, I'm protected against future exploits that have not even been discovered yet.

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I don't trust AVG. I cleaned 3 trojans off the kids' PC's that AVG missed.

Here's my suggestion:

$50.00 Rebate

For Windows #: 4986071
For use with up to 3 users

Blocks online identity theft
Detects and eliminates spyware
Removes viruses and Internet worms
Protects against hackers

Price: $ 69.99
After Rebate: $ 19.99


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Crom, did you see my note in this thread about the SD cards you were looking for?
Got it.

The phones I need cards for are two Samsung t629's. I'm assuming its the same micro SD card that fits my Blackberry pearl?

As anyone reading this may gather - I only learn as much information as I need as the situation arises.

So, can I safely assume that there are presently 2 major sizes of memory cards for portable devices like this? The "standard" bigger size, and the micro SD card?

The reason I need these is - I want to store music on these two Samsung t629's. (One each for my wife and daughter). I will have to do all the "labor" of loading these up so they can have "carefree fun" (at my expense). :rolleyes:


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I recommend

Webroot with AV. Its 49.99 but its a 3 pc license. It uses sophos heuristics to detect virus. It only has 2 processes that run, and it will not tax your system.

I know you said free. The problem with free is that it is only for after the infection cleaning. Most free's like avg/panda/avast will not catch a virus before it infects. This is because they do not get the virus signatures updated like the subscriber editions. Free users often wait a week or 2 before getting the data update.