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How do you like your live shows

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Jan 25, 2006
Saint Louis
I'm wondering after listening to Opie and Anthony's view about live performances what people who go to live shows think.

I'm the complete opposite of Anthony, if I go to a live show I don't want to hear anything close to what the studio albums sounds like. If that were the case I'll just pop the CD in. Why would you want to spend $100+ now to see The Police or Springsteen and want them to play the songs the exact same way that they are on the original CD?

Springsteen for example, I love when he'll do like a 1920's folk sounding version of Atlantic City.
Or when Bob Dylan will do a classic song and it takes most people 3 or 4 minutes to be like "Oh yeah, that's Ballad Of A Thin Man...."

Me personally, like Jimmy is with Ozzy, some of my favorite shows are ones where Jerry Garcia has laryngitis and his voice is just completely shot and sounds like Complete shit. That's more interesting to me than a Pink show where she plays the whole CD the same way it is on the radio. I don't get it.


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Oct 16, 2006
Spencer, NC
Yea I love when Bruce will pull some shit out and people are just wowed. Not doing a show that is Identical to the cd is more gooder for me.


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Wackbag Staff
Aug 26, 2002
Your house, behind the couch
I prefer tunes to sound close to the album. I hate when they redo a song
to the point that I don't recognize it right away. I don't mind a little deviation
but it has to sound like the song I liked in the first place.


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Mar 11, 2007
It depends on the music.

If your seeing a Grateful Dead/Phish type band you probably want to hear them do improvisational jams.

If your seeing a rock/punk/metal band you don't want them getting all fruity with the songs. You want to hear the songs the way you got into them: how they were on the album.


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May 21, 2005
I don't want to hear it exactly as it was on the album since there is way too much production on most of them like when the singer does his own back up.I do want it to be good sounding and mixed right, not all guitar or drums and levels messed up. Most concerts I go to I try to sit somewhere near the board as thats about the best place to hear it right.
Feb 20, 2006
**** Island
Like most things in life Ant's right about this. The vocals should have the least amount of deviation from the original song. The other instruments have far more freedom to roam.
Oct 5, 2004
For the most part I disagree with this one, Zeppelin was amazing live even though Plant could rarely replicate his album sound after 1972.
Jan 3, 2006
In Fleas Mom's Box
I was very fortunate to see the Police at Fenway this summer. Most older groups when they come out, they perform their songs in a key lower than the original. It's bad. But the Police made it work. Case in Point, during "Message in a Bottle," they performed it the way it was on the record, yet they streched it out in the middle to give the fans something new. Or during "Wrapped Around Your Finger," they slowed it down and added more percussive like instrumentation to the song. I think that if a band can take a classic song and mix it up a little bit to make it even more gooder, then by all means go for it. Otherwise, make sure that the live cut matches the one on the CD.


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Jan 13, 2005
Middletown NJ
I like it to sound very close to the album, but I don't mind if they throw in an alternate lyric, or some extra versus. My wife is a huge Springsteen fan, so we have seen him live a bunch of times. He is a great live performer, but when he deviates from the originals to much I want to stab him (that and when he starts in with his faggoty political views). I've heard him do "Born in the USA" more than once sounding like Bob Dylan reading it out of a book with very fine print while taking suicidal amounts of barbituates while riding "The Round Up" at 6 Flags. Enough with the Arlo Guthrie droning bullshit. You are not a folk singer from the midwest, you are a douchebag from NJ.

I've seen Ozzy a bunch of times and always dig when his voice cracks during a song, as long as it isn't constant or shot to shit which has happend on some nights. I heard him at one Ozzfest and I was convinced that his throat must be bleeding beacuse he sounded so raw. He had that Godzilla metal scraping noise on some of the high notes and was really struggling.


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Feb 24, 2003
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Generally, I want to see what they can do with the song beyond what is on the album. But, in the case of some really technical or difficult songs, its great to see if the band can do it live and prove it wasn't just studio tricks.

Even if they play it note-for-note, a good live band will have a presence that can't be captured in the studio. From personal experience, if you are playing in front of a good audience, there is a vibe you get and feed off of that takes the music to a different place everytime.


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Nov 29, 2005
If a band is good live they can make their performance just as good as a cd and sometimes better.

For me it depends if I really like the band or not. If I'm going to see someone like Graham Parker, I would appreciate it if he stuck closer to the cds so I can recognize the songs and enjoy hearing it live. For Springsteen, he can play born to run in bebop form and I would listen. Springsteen can capture the essence of the CD sound live and not even play the same notes/keys.

I saw the latest Seeger Sessions tour and he played open all night in a totally different way than it was on Nebraska, and yet it was just as enjoyable. Neil Young can do the same thing, so can the Stones and the Who and Queen and all the other great live bands.

So like I said, if the band is really good live, they can pull it off. If a band isn't good live and they can't pull off their own songs then they shouldn't deviate.


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Aug 26, 2002
Ronkonkoma, Long Island
An alternate version of a great song can still be great. It's when they try to get all experimental just because they're bored playing the song the way it was written that it tends to fuck everything up, i.e. Sting and his fucking lute.
Feb 5, 2003
With a stranger
I like to see bands mix things up a little bit. Back in 1995, Pearl Jam started playing "Jeremy" differently a few times to mix it up and it was pretty cool. They went back to playing it that normal way after that, but it was a pretty cool version of the song.

I like when there's an extended intro, jam in the middle, longer outro, or another song tagged to the end of a song. I just don't like it when that makes a 5 minute song into a 25 minute song ("Whole Lotta Love" excluded).