Any dr. Pepper drinkers here?

mr. sin

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if so please save your caps/codes under the caps for me and can be found on the 1 liter, 20 oz., and 16 oz. bottles of Dr Pepper®, Dr Pepper Cherry, Diet Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper Cherry for the game code.

thank you! and dm me the code please

Buster H

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the main reason why people rarely use those special offers is because they are too lazy to go the the dr pepper website and type in the codes. Now, you are asking them to go to WB and type in the codes?

If you lived close enough to me, I would give you handfulls of them, but I am not gonna type them in individually

mr. sin

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wanna get some battlefield 3 skins and dog tags


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I'll try to remember. What's the suspense this?


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.
Just recently re-discovered my enjoyment of the Pepper.


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I love Dr. Pepper. I only have soda 1-2x a month so when I do, I go with the Dr.


dr. pepper and captain morgan rules!


beerbelly, you gotta try it. you can thank me later....your liver will hate me though.
put real rum in it. Gosilings dark. Ask big a.. he chugged my shit.


put real rum in it. Gosilings dark. Ask big a.. he chugged my shit.
i've had that as well, it is very tasty but.....the flavor of captain morgan complements the dr. pepper perfectly. it's a match made in heaven