Any fans of Kellogg's Products?


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Not really food related but I need the promo codes that are located inside of Kellogg's products that have Cars 2 stuff on the side of them
Participating Products

Mini-Wheats Big Bites 16oz
Mini-Wheats Big Bites 20.4 oz
Mini-Wheats Little Bites 15.8 oz
Mini-Wheats Little Bites Chocolate 15.8 oz
Mini-Wheats Cinnamon Strousel 16oz
Mini-Wheats Cinnamon Strousel 22oz
Mini-Wheats Strawberry Delight 16.3 oz
Mini-Wheats Strawberry Delight 21.5 oz
Mini-Wheats Blueberry Muffin 16oz
Mini-Wheats Blueberry Muffin 22oz
Frosted Mini-Wheats - Bite Size 18oz
Frosted Mini-Wheats - Bite Size 24oz
Crispix 12oz
Crispix 17.9 oz
Rice Krispies 12oz
Rice Krispies 18oz
Rice Krispies 24oz
Cocoa Krispies 11.3 oz
Cocoa Krispies 16.5 oz
Frosted Flakes 14oz
Frosted Flakes 17oz
Frosted Flakes 23oz
Frosted Flakes 27.5 oz
Frosted Flakes Fiber, Less Sugar 16.3 oz
Frosted Flakes Fiber, Less Sugar 24oz
Apple Jacks 12oz
Apple Jacks 17oz
Apple Jacks 21.7 oz
Corn Pops 12.5 oz
Corn Pops 17.2 oz
Corn Pops 21.4 oz
Froot Loops 12.2 oz
Froot Loops 17oz
Froot Loops 21.7 oz
Nutri Grain Apple Cinnamon
Nutri Grain Blueberry
Nutri Grain Strawberry
Eggo Homestyle
Eggo Blueberry
Eggo Buttermilk
Eggo Cinnamon Toast

This is what the boxes look like

The gf's kids want the Cars 2 soccer ball that's on the back of the box and i don't want to buy 16 boxes of cereal. Already have 4 so i just need 12 more. I'd appreciate any help but as usual insults are always welcome too :action-sm
I have a girl who isn't interested...If our boxes have codes they're yours...I check when i get home...I gather all the coke rewards codes at work...


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a pm would be much appreciated sir, i'll keep an eye out for the coke points


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I went and looked at my box of Strawburry Miniwheats and of course that led me to eat a hand full of them. Are you sure you don't work for Kelloggs?


Fuckin' Starving now

Ain't had cereal in a while
But Cocoa Krispies , Frosted Flakes and Apple Jacks sound really good right now

I'll PM Ya if I get any soon

Don't hold your breath though


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Are you still looking for these? I have one I rescued from the garbage. Yours if you want it.


Fuck Kellogg's.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch FTW.

(I haven't eaten cereal in years)

the Streif

I could eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch like Twitchels ate Almond Joy candy bars.